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Njangi Financing


Njangi Financing

AMACCUL offers Njangi Financing to support communities and groups in accessing financial resources for various collective projects and initiatives. Njangi, also known as Esusu or Tontine, is a traditional savings and credit scheme where members contribute funds regularly and take turns receiving lump-sum payments.

Key features of Njangi Financing include:

  • Community-Based: Njangi Financing is tailored for community groups, associations, and other collective entities seeking financial assistance for group projects, events, or investments.
  • Flexible Contributions: Members contribute funds regularly to the Njangi, and each member receives a lump-sum payment at predetermined intervals, providing a flexible source of financing.
  • No Interest: Unlike traditional loans, Njangi Financing does not involve interest charges. Instead, members contribute and receive funds based on the agreed-upon terms and rotation schedule.
  • Trust-Based System: Njangi operates on a trust-based system where members rely on mutual trust and solidarity to fulfill their financial commitments and ensure the smooth functioning of the scheme.
  • Empowerment and Collaboration: Njangi Financing promotes community empowerment and collaboration, allowing members to leverage collective resources for mutual benefit and socioeconomic development.
Njangi Financing

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