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Term Deposit/Life Savings Account

Savings Account

Term Deposit/Life Savings Account

The Term Deposit/Life Savings Account offered by AMACCUL is a secure and structured savings option that allows members to invest their funds for a fixed period at competitive interest rates. This account provides the opportunity to earn higher returns on savings while maintaining capital preservation.

Key features of the Term Deposit/Life Savings Account include:

  • Fixed Term Deposits: Members can choose from various fixed terms, ranging from months to years, to lock in their funds and earn higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Enjoy attractive interest rates that are predetermined and guaranteed for the duration of the deposit term, providing stability and potential for growth.
  • Capital Preservation: Funds deposited in the Term Deposit/Life Savings Account are secure and protected, ensuring that the initial investment amount is preserved throughout the term.
  • Flexible Renewal Options: Upon maturity, members have the flexibility to renew the deposit for another term or withdraw funds as needed, providing liquidity and financial flexibility.
  • Automatic Renewal: Some accounts offer automatic renewal options, allowing deposits to roll over seamlessly into new terms without requiring manual intervention.
Term Deposit/Life Savings Account


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