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Deposit Accounts


General Overview of Deposit Accounts

AMACCUL provides a range of deposit accounts designed to offer secure and convenient ways for our members to manage their finances. Our deposit accounts cater to various needs, whether you are looking to save for the future, manage your daily expenses, or invest your money safely.

Key Features:

  • Term Deposits: Lock in your funds for a fixed term to earn higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts.
  • Demand Deposits: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your money anytime without penalties while still earning interest.
  • Fixed Deposit Accounts: Benefit from guaranteed returns with fixed interest rates over specified periods.
  • Recurring Deposits: Save a fixed amount regularly and earn interest, making it easier to achieve your financial goals.
  • Secure Investments: All deposit accounts are backed by strong financial management practices and comply with regulatory standards.
  • Easy Management: Access and manage your accounts through multiple channels including online banking, mobile apps, and branch services.

NB: Our ATM network and online banking applications are still under development. Please visit our News and updates regurlarly for more updates

Our deposit accounts are crafted to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your money is secure and working for you. By choosing AMACCUL, you are partnering with a trusted financial institution dedicated to helping you achieve financial stability and growth. Join us and explore the various deposit options tailored to your needs.


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