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Daily Savings Account

Savings Account

Daily Savings Account

The Daily Savings Account offered by AMACCUL is a convenient and accessible option for individuals looking to cultivate a habit of saving on a daily basis. With this account, members can deposit small amounts regularly, allowing them to accumulate savings gradually over time.

Key features of the Daily Savings Account include:

  • Regular Deposits: Members can make daily deposits into their account, encouraging consistent saving habits and building financial discipline.
  • Low Minimum Balance: The account typically requires a low minimum balance, making it accessible to individuals of all income levels.
  • Daily collections: Our staff come to your business place on daily basis to do the collection without you moving an inch.
  • Flexible Withdrawals: Access your funds whenever you need them, with no restrictions on withdrawal frequency or amount.
  • Goal-Oriented Saving: Use the Daily Savings Account to work towards specific financial goals, such as creating an emergency fund or saving for a future expense.
Daily Savings Account


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