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Personal Njangi Savings Account

Savings Account

Personal Njangi Savings Account

The Personal Njangi Savings Account offered by AMACCUL is a unique savings product that combines traditional saving practices with modern banking services. Inspired by the traditional rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs) commonly known as "Njangi" in many African communities, this account allows members to save and borrow money within a trusted group setting.

Key features of the Personal Njangi Savings Account include:

  • Community-Based Savings: Participate in a communal savings arrangement where members contribute a fixed amount regularly and take turns receiving a lump-sum payout.
  • Rotating Funds: Each member benefits from receiving a lump-sum payout from the collective contributions, enabling them to address financial needs or pursue personal goals.
  • Interest-Free Borrowing: Borrow money from the group without incurring interest charges, making it an affordable and accessible credit option for members.
  • Trust and Accountability: Foster trust and accountability among members through shared financial responsibilities and mutual support within the group.
  • Financial Inclusion: Promote financial inclusion by providing access to savings and credit services to individuals who may have limited access to formal banking institutions.
Personal Njangi Savings Account


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